ACTI9 Series MCB xC60

10kA - IS/IEC 60898-1; IEC/EN 60898-1
15kA - IEC 60947-2

Schneider Electric ACTI9 Series xC60 MCB


1. Ensures no accidental contact with live part - Finger proof IP-20 terminals
2. Operational Safety at the downstream - Suitabiltity for Isolation
3. Avoids false insertion of cables and loose termination : Pull up terminals
4. Total Flexibiltity : Line-Load reversibility
5. Field fittable auxiliaries available for advanced protection & monitoring
6. Flexible termination of Busbars and Cables -Bi-Connect terminals
7. Suitable for DC application (60VDC/pole)
8. Breaking Capacity enhanced to 25kA as per IEC 60947 when backed by Compact NSX MCCBs


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