HIWIN - Bearings


BSB Ball Screw Bearing

Features :

  • High axial rigidity.
  • Universal assembly provides flexible assembly tolerances to meet the special needs of customers.
  • Can be shipped with HIWIN's ball screw to provide customers with integrated services.

Standard Crossed Roller Bearing

Features :

  • Patented high load carrying capacity design
  • High rigidity
  • Simultaneous load in any direction
  • Smooth rotation
  • Small size and space saving

Thin Crossed Roller Bearing

Features :

  • Reduce the bearing volume by 40%.
  • Lightweight and volume-saving can improve the effective use of machine space.
  • The inner and outer rings are integrated to enhance rigidity.

Precision Linear Bearings

Features :

  • The point-contact continuous circulation steel ball system can perform high-precision infinite linear motion on a cylindrical shaft. This self-designed and developed loop circuit system has obtained patents in many countries, which can maintain high accuracy, low noise and high rigidity when carrying heavy loads.

Bearing Block

Features :

  • HIWIN bearing housing is mainly composed of body, bearing, cover plate, spacer ring, oil seal, lock nut, hexagonal cap screw. The bearing seat can be used at the fixed end and the support end of the screw to fix the screw in the correct position. The size is compact and easy to install, which can be installed in a narrow space. 
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