SYNTEC - Automation Product


80MI Controller

Features :

  • The measurement data is connected up and down to support various commercially available sensors, and it also provides servo and sensor package services and industrial application packaging. 

Drive Control Machine

Features :

  • The controller, Yaskawa serial driver and IO are highly integrated, the integrated design saves power distribution space, and provides a motor package solution, so that you do not need to worry about motor matching.


Features :

  • Separate controller, support pulse or Yaskawa serial communication, can be used with I / O and AD / DA modules, support VGA screen display, meet multiple applications.

HC (M3-EtherCAT)

Features :

  • Equipped with Yaskawa's tandem communication control method, it has good co-movement under multi-axis control motion control, and provides a variety of full-plane touch screen options, both beautiful and inherent.

HC Controller (Series)

Features :

  • The multi-axis pulse controller of servo and step control can improve the problem of insufficient calculation and co-movement of the multi-axis motion interpolation calculation of the axis card control, and provide multiple sizes of touch screen options

Step Controller

Features :

  • Step-by-step controller, supporting differential signal control, and built-in 4O / 16I, which can be equipped with I / O and AD / DA expansion modules.

Industrial Computer

STPanel Smart Touch Screen Industrial Computer

Features :

  • The integrated product of industrial computer and touch screen has low power consumption, low heat generation, high stability, and multiple communication interfaces. 
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