FATEK - B1 B1z HB1 Series PLC

Specifications - B1  |  B1z  |  HB1

B1/B1z  -  Economical and High-Quality PLC

Core Technology of the Advanced SoC

With advanced software, hardware techniques and over 20 years experience in the automation industry, FATEK has integrated its own SoC CPU (Systems on Chip), hardware logic solver (HLS), hardware high-speed counter/timer, NC positioning, communication, FLASH, and SRAM into a tiny BGA chip. This is an industry first making FATEK a market leader in micro PLC design!

Compact and Rugged

Common components are now integrated into the SoC, so the processor and I/O board layer can now be manufactured on a single PCB substantially reducing the overall size and increasing the reliability of the B1/B1z series controllers!

High Quality and High Reliability

With the streamline hardware design and the highly integrated SoC technology, the quantity of the components required in the B1/B1z series PLC is significantly reduced. With the combination of the high quality parts rigorous quality control procedures, FATEK creates a high quality PLC for today’s industry.


The streamline design of SoC technology significantly reduces the hardware costs. The B1/B1z series PLC incorporates the most sophisticated manufacturing process and high quality two-layer board design, and have better noise immunity than other four-layer PLC board design. This makes the B1/B1z PLC very price-competitive in today’s cost-conscious PLC market!

Easy to Use, Common Instruction Sets

The B1/B1z series PLC is an economic type PLC without any compromise to its performance. It also provides all the easy to use yet powerful FBs series PLC’s instructions. Both B1/B1z and FBs series PLC are programmed by the same utility software - Winproladder.

Communication Cable

General Purpose Communication Converter

Simple HMI

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