Panasonic - PLC



Features :

  • Compact size with room for expansion functions
  • Free RS232 port for Modbus RTU, PLC Link, free serial communication
  • Free CPU slot for application cassettes for analog I/O, thermocouple, and serial communication ports.
  • Built-in Ethernet port that supports Modbus TCP (client/server), MEWTOCOL-COM (client/server) or Ethernet/IP with implicit messaging as I/O scanner (controller). Up to 272 connections can be active simultaneously.


Features :

  • 2 Ethernet ports as a hub
  • Ethernet/IP with implicit messaging as I/O scanner (controller), PROFIBUS DP slave, PROFINET slave, CANopen slave, DeviceNet slave, BACnet-IP slave, BACnet-MSTP slave, S-Link master, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, MC protocol, CC-Link slave, PLC Link, free serial communication
  • High processing speed of 10ns per basic instruction (up to 10k steps)[GU1]
  • High program capacity up zo 64k steps: 24k / 32k / 40k / 64k steps
  • High data capacity: 12k / 24k / 32k / 64k steps


Features :

  • Max. 64 inputs / 64 outputs transistor or 54 outputs relay
  • Max. 24 analog inputs / 12 analog outputs
  • 2 x RS232C interfaces, USB2.0 port
  • Program memory: 16000 to 32000 steps
  • Data memory: 12315 to 32765 words
  • Modbus TCP and Ethernet TCP/IP with FP Web-Server (FPWEB2)
  • Advanced built-in positioning functions

FP-Sigma (FP-Σ)

Features :

  • Large program memory (32k commands)
  • Large data memory (32k words)
  • Efficient motion control functions
  • 50kHz fast counter input
  • 100kHz pulse output
  • Fastest processing time, 0.32µs/basic command
  • Real-time clock
  • Top communication performance thanks to 3 possible serial interfaces on the CPU


Features :

  • Max. 382 I/Os
  • Max. 28 analog inputs / 16 analog outputs
  • 3 x RS232C or 2 x RS232 + 1x RS485 interfaces
  • C30 and C60 also USB programming port
  • Program memory: 16000 or 32000 steps
  • Data memory: 32765 words


Features :

  • All-in-one solution / no additional units required
  • The new FP-XH combines a compact and durable PLC with a motion controller. The all-in-one controller comprises 16 digital inputs/outputs and 4 high-speed-counter channels. This means the FP-XH does not require any additional units to control 8 axes.

Control FPWIN Pro7

Programming software of PLC open certification corresponds to FP7

Control FPWIN GR7

Save time on programming with user-friendly software

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