HIWIN - Linear Gideway


AG Series

AG series cross configuration linear slide

Features : 

  • Reduce installation space and make equipment smaller and lighter.
  • The two rails are processed with high accuracy in relative straightness, so there is a particularly high accuracy in verticality.
  • This slider is 50% more rigid than two HG sliders that are screwed back to back.

CG Series

CG series anti-torque ball linear slide

Features : 

  • O-shaped design-high torque resistance
  • New oil circuit design-slider can be fully lubricated
  • Slide rail with dust-proof cover tape-Stainless steel,Quick installation,Prevent the wiper seal from being damaged by the bolt hole,Prevent external dust from entering the slider from the bolt hole

HG Series

HG series ball-type linear slide

Features : 

  • The HG series linear guideways are designed with load capacity and rigidity higher than other similar products with circular-arc groove and structure optimization. It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error. 

EG Series

EG series low assembly linear slide

Features : 

  • The EG series uses four rows of steel balls to bear the load design, which has the characteristics of high rigidity and high load, at the same time, it has the load characteristics of four directions, and the function of automatic centering. Coupled with reducing the height of the combination and shortening the length of the slider, it is very suitable for high-speed automated industrial machinery and small equipment with space requirements.

MG Series

MG Series Miniature Linear Slide

Features : 

  • The MG series is a miniature linear guideway that comes in a compact size with a Gothic arch contact design that offers high stiffness and high rigidity against moment loads in all directions. The MG series also offers anti-corrosion protection which all material is in a special grade of stainless steel for compatibility in various working environments. The MG series is available in a narrow block type (MGN) and also with an enlarged width (MGW).

PG Series

PG series precision positioning linear slide

Features : 

  • Integrate linear slide rail and encoder into one, greatly increasing space efficiency. It has the advantages of high rigidity of linear slide rail and high precision of magnetic encoder. Built-in ruler body and inductive read head are not easily damaged by external forces. The signal induction is non-contact and the product has a long life. Long-distance measurement (up to 30m with magnetic ruler). 

QE Series

QE Series Silent Low Assembly Linear Slide

Features : 

  • The development of the Hiwin's QE linear guideway is based on a four-row circular-arc contact. The QE series linear guideway with SynchMotion™ Technology offers smooth movement, superior lubrication, quieter operation and longer running life. Therefore the QE linear guideway has broad industrial applicability in the high-tech industry where high speed, low noise, and reduced dust generation is required. The QE series is interchangeable with the EG series.

RG Series

RG series roller linear slide

Features : 

  • The RG series replaces steel balls with roller-type rolling elements, and is designed to achieve ultra-high rigidity and heavy-duty load capacity; through the linear contact between the rolling elements, the slide rail and the slider, the rolling elements only form a small amount when they are subjected to high loads With elastic deformation, the design of the contact angle of 45 degrees allows the overall linear slide to achieve the characteristics of high rigidity and high load capacity in four directions. 

WE Series

WE series four-row wide rail linear slide

Features : 

  • The WE series adopts the design of four-row steel ball bearing load and 45-degree contact angle. It has the load characteristics of four directions and the function of automatic centering. It can absorb the assembly errors of the mounting surface and achieve high-precision requirements. At the same time, the width of the slide rail is increased and the combined height is reduced to achieve ultra-high torsional resistance. 

QH Series

QH Series Silent Heavy-Duty Linear Slide

Features : 

  • The self-lubricating design does not need to add oil. The patented synchronous coupling is designed with a space for oil storage in the middle interval, which can supply the ball with lubrication during operation, and can evenly replenish lubricating oil to the storage when passing through the turning part. In the oil space, the steel balls continue to be lubricated evenly, so the frequency of replenishing the lubricant can be effectively reduced. 

QW Series

QW Series Silent Wide Linear Slide

Features : 

  • QW silent wide-type linear slide rails can increase the width of the linear rails and reduce the combined height to achieve ultra-high torsional resistance in a limited installation space, so they can be used in a single-axis manner. In addition, the SynchMotionTM technology synchronizing coupler with oil storage function can effectively reduce running noise, improve running smoothness, life and lubrication efficiency, so it has wider industrial applicability, and can be suitable for high-speed, quiet and low dust generation requirements. High-tech industry.

QR Series

QR Series Silent Roller Linear Slide

Features : 

  • Improve the smoothness of the movement When the traditional linear slide rail without synchronous coupling starts to run, the rolling body will cause chain back and forth collision due to pushing, which will cause the friction resistance to fluctuate sharply. 

E2 Series

E2 series self-lubricating linear slide

Features : 

  • Clean and environmentally friendly-No oil leakage pollution or oil splashing during forced lubrication. It is suitable for use in environments with high cleanliness requirements and has an environmental protection concept.
  • Easy maintenance and long-term use-For normal users, there is almost no maintenance required during normal life.

SE Series

SE Series Metal End Cap Linear Slides

Features : 

  • High temperature resistance, its heat-resistant temperature is 150 ℃, instantaneous temperature is 200 ℃
  • Diffusion furnaces, fusion machines, and other semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heat treatment equipment, vacuum applications (without gas release from plastic, rubber, and other products)
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