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60CA Promotional Woodworking Feeding Universal Controller

Features :

  • Economical equipment for wood board cutting, such as multi-process machine (multi-head machine), multi-head double-station machine, new generation 60CA, promotion type opening controller, friendly UI customized for operators; woodworking processing standard Function, one-click introduction of all processing programs, reducing the operation threshold and the error rate of manual file selection. 


60P Woodworking Labeling Controller

Features :

  • New generation woodworking labeling controller with processing list.
  • Avoid mislabeling, speed up production efficiency, process information in series with the feeder-
  • Directly control the printer to print labels through the controller, and monitor the status of the printer
  • Monitor the processing status of the feeder at the same time


60W woodworking open bus controller

Features :

  • Equipped with complete woodworking software functions, processing forms, memory management software modules, MODBUS speed control modules, and supports commercially available inverters. The printer module can be connected to an industrial printer in series to print labels directly, saving the front computer. Supports woodworking processing center models such as tool magazines, row drills, etc.

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