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Luna is leading supplier of Industrial Components, Bearings, Pneumatics, Motors, Controllers and Drives Indian Industries. We're focused on driving ongoing Safety, Innovation, Efficiency, Reliability and Productivity. With best-in-class manufacturing facilities, unmatched Digital Expertise, always-on global services delivery and unrivaled product breadth and performance. Luna is the industry's one-stop shop.

Today, we meet the total lifecycle needs of the entire company, from New Panels to Robots, Service and Repair adding value at every touch point to help customers realize the most value from their investment. To best address the business needs of our Industrial Customers, we offer a variety of products and services.

Our Businesses


Industry leading technologies to enable smaller, smarter and faster companies transform their products and bring high-quality solutions to their customers.


High-performance Bearings ,Spindle Bearings and Clutch Bearings to enable material systems solutions for aerospace, automotive and other demanding environments.


Durable solutions for LM Rails ,Cross Rollers,Couplings ,Racks,Pinions, and reliable solutions that support a growing company.


Focusing on Plug and Play products of critical parts for the Medical Industry.


Performance solutions that keep pneumatic processes safe and operations run smoothly.


Providing Innovative and Energy-Efficient robots serving the injection moulding and automation markets.

Precision. Performance. Pride.

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