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With globalization and increasingly diverse consumer needs in the market, the manufacturing industries face a time of considerable change. It is no longer enough for industrial robots to simply perform a single task. Industry now demands robots with the capacity and flexibility to readily take on more sophisticated tasks. The Hiwin robot series provides new, more intelligent solutions that underpin “next-generation manufacturing”, offering a simpler approach to advanced and flexible production. These robots can handle all your automation needs.

Product Categories

6-Axis Robot

Articulated Robot

Delta Robot

Scara Robot

End Effector

Hiwin Articulated Robot RA605

Hiwin Articulated Robot RA605

Hiwin Cooperative Robots

Hiwin Scara Robot

HIWIN now offer ROBOTIC solutions

Palletizing Robot

Hiwin TAIROS 2019 Expo

Hiwin Robot CAD/CAM

2018 TAIROS HIWIN Robot Sculpting System

Hiwin Robotic arm with sole attaching press machine

HIWIN 2014 Taiwan Automation Intelligence & Robot Show

HIWIN uses ROS on Windows and Azure Speech Recognition Services

Hiwin Robot 3D Sensor

Hiwin VR Automated Production Line

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