Rod End Bearings


KHS Rod end bearings are compact, self-aligning spherical bushings that can support a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load at the same time. They have either a female thread in the body or a male thread on the body, and they can be easily assembled onto machines. The PB type consists of a spherical inner ring, an outer ring and a bushing and is assembled with a shaft and housing. The LHSA type are self aligning rod ends consisting of a special die-cast zinc alloy body and a studded ball which has its axis at right angles to the body.(series includes PHS,POS ,SA,SI,PHSB,POSB,PB,LHSA ..etc.)

PHS Series  |  POS Series  |  PHSB Series  |  POSB Series  |  LSHA Series

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