RayTools EMP6060

Processing size 600x600mm; Linear motorized X and Y axis; CNC based on EtherCAT; Raytools cutting head.

RayTools EMP6060 Micro Laser Cutting Station

Raytools EMP6060


1.High presion linear guide with high repeated positioning accuracy, less wearing and stable performance.

2.ECAT/AheadTechs CNC controller based on EtherCAT protocol. Friendly HMI with high flexibility and easy expanding.

3.Applicable to laser cutting in jewelry, glasses, luminaire finish, kitchen appliance, mobile communication, digital products, electronics components, watch & clock, computer accessories and instruments etc.

4.Raytools laser cutting head along with EtherCAT height sensor to safeguard the cutting.

5.Highly dustproof class IP 5x.

6.CCD vision system is optional.

7.Laser source and chiller are excluded.

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