Smart laser beam delivery system for cutting including flat cutting, robot cutting, tube cutting, micro cutting and ultra fast cutting...

RayTools BW290 Laser Welding Head (To Replace BW250)

raytool BF330S


1. Fiber/Diode version is optional to match various fiber lasers or diode lasers.

2. Dual-walvelength (fiber laser 4KW and diode laser 8KW) optical configuration is optional.

3. 3 Cover glasses to provide adequate protection to collimation/focus lens.

4. Both collimation lens and focus lens are water cooled.

5. Optimized optical design to achieve high speed, high quality and high power laser welding.

6. CCD or laser vision seam tracking interface is optional for expanding of function.

7. Smooth and efficient fluid structure design to obtain the best protection to melting pool.

ratools bw290 welding technical data
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