RayTools BS12K

Power rating 12KW; Fully smart sensor technology with real-time status monitoring by APP or CNC; EtherCAT protocol.

RayTools BS12K All-In-One Smart Laser Cutting Head

BM116 EtherCAT


1.Communication and control based on EtherCAT.

2.4-Color LED lamps to monitor interior status.

3.Optimized optical configuration and smooth gas circuit.

4.Compact design with high acceleration.

5.Monitoring status could be accessed at mobile APP or CNC controller.

6.Continuous monitoring to optical lens and cover glass.

7.Mounting verticality (gravity) detection.

8.Gas pressure detection.

9.Focus point position detection.

10.Interior air pressure detection.

11.Side anti-collision detection.

12.Fully sealed optical beam structure.

13.Standard QBH/QD (LLK-D)/Q+ interfaces to work with different fiber lasers.

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