RayTools BM115 3.0

Power rating 6KW/8KW/12KW; Updated from BM115 2.0; Standard auto focus laser cutting with capability for full power cutting.

RayTools BM115 3.0 Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

Raytools BM115 3.0


1.Updated version from BM115 2.0 with stable cutting capability under continuous full power.

2.Upgraded optics beam and gas circuit.

3.Integrated design to ensure sealing.

4.Both collimation and focus lens are water cooled.

5.Air cooling to nozzle which effectively protecs the nozzle & ceramic part and extend the lifespan.

6.Compact structure to reduce the payload of Z axis.

7.35mm clear aperture to effectively reduce stray beam interference and guarantee cutting quality and lifespan.

8.Auto focus to reduce human intervention.

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