SUNG-IL - Coupling

SCJ Series

Product Features & Application :

  • SCJ series is excellent for absorbing both angular/parallel misalignment through middle pin/bushing structure and minimizes reaction force on the shaft. (This coupling combines strong features of SOH series coupling and universal joint.)
  • This series structurally doesn’t absorb end-play.

SFC Series

Product Features & Application :

  • SFC series is flexible with Urethane material and is especially excellent for absorbing misalignment to a greater extent.
  • The middle Urethane structure absorbs external impacts and absorbs vibration.

SHD Series

Advanced version of Plate Spring shape : Sung-il developed the improved version of plate spring with doubled assembly holes to disperse stress concentration, and it enhances both strength and stiffness to the higher extent.

SHR Series

Product Features & Application :

  • Great for Anti-vibration & increasing gain on Servo motor → High Productivity

SJC Series

Product Features & Application :

  • Power transmission through the spider (sleeve) in the middle
  • The highest durability comparing to other coupling series
  • Various clamping methods available
  • High precision with preloaded assembly

SOH Series

Product Features & Application :

  • SOH series transmits motion through the middle spacer and is particularly excellent for absorption of parallel misalignment.
  • It has a simple structure for easier self-maintenance.
  • It enables reaction force on the shaft to be reduced by moving the spacer even though there is parallel misalignment.
  • Sung-il Machinery provides various spacer types which are allowed to be used in special circumstances.

SRB Series

Product Features & Application :

  • SRB series is one-piece metal coupling with no backlash and absorbs misalignment through its slit structures.
  • SRB series is made of ultra high strength aluminum alloy material (AL-7075-T6) in order to enhance its durability.

SRG Series

Product Features & Application :

  • SRG Series is one-piece metal coupling with no backlash and it doesn’t allow any loss of motion while transmitting.
  • Because this series doesn’t absorb misalignment, the allocation of shafts should be set-up in line accurately without any misalignment.
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