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Product Categories

ACTI9 Series MCB

- Available in 1P, 2P, 3P &4P with B,C,D characteristics curves.
- Range from 2A to 63A.
- Higher Range Upto 125A.
- IEC/EN 947-2 & IEC/EN 898-1 Certified.
- Auxiliary contacts available.
- Sleeker design, easy to use and 100% recyclable & recoverable.

ETVS Series Contactors

- Available from 6A to 630A in coil voltages as 24V to 440V in both AC/DC.
- IEC 60947-4-1 & IEC 60947-5-1 certified.
- Available with various NO & NC configuration with contact blocks as an accessory.
- Used in Motor controller Application.
- Coil Replacement available.

ETVS Series Thermal Overload Relay

- Ratings from 0.10A to 38A available in various ranges.
- Higher Ranges upto 630A.
- IEC 60947-4-1 Certified.
- Protects Motor from Overloads, Phase failure, Long starting time & prolonged stalled rotor correction.

ETVS Series Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

- 0.1A TO 32A Ratings available with different ranges.
- Rotary knob and Toggle Button Type Available.
- IEC 60947-4-1 & IEC 60947-2 certified.
- Auxiliary contacts as Accessories available.
- Protects motor from short circuits, Overloads. - Used for motor controlling applications.

Pilot Devices

- Panel mounting Indicator lamps
- Panel mounting push buttons with NO & NC configurations
- Emergency push buttons normal and twist mushroom type.
- Selector rotary switch, etc.
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